Hunger Games: Chapter 1

The narrator Katniss Everdeen, wakes up. She sees her little sister, Prim(rose), asleep in bed with their mother across the room. It is reaping day. Katniss gears up to go hunting. The area where she lives is called the Seam, on the edge of District 12. District 12 is enclosed by a high fence that should be electrified. Katniss crawls under the fence and enters the woods outside, where she forages and hunts. Her father taught her to hunt before his death in a mine explosion when she was eleven years old, and she uses a bow he made. Though trespassing in the woods and poaching are illegal, nobody minds and Katniss even sells to the Peacekeepers who are supposed to enforce the laws. Most people in the district don’t have enough food, and are often starved. She meets Gale in the woods. Gale has been her friend for years, and calls her catnip. They discuss running away, but realize the flaws as they both are the caretakers of their families. They collect their food then walk by the district’s black market, called the Hob, to trade for bread and salt. Knowing the mayor has a taste for strawberries, they stop and sell some to the mayor’s daughter, Madge. Madge and Katniss often find themselves in eachothers company at school. Madge is in a dress for the reaping, incase shes chosen. Gale then gets upset because as the Mayor’s daughter odds are in her favor.Katniss explains the process, where at age twelve, your name is entered into the drawing once; at thirteen, it’s entered twice; and so on up until age eighteen. But you can choose to have your name entered more times in exchange for a tessera, a year’s supply of grain and oil for one person. Poor people often need tesserae to survive, so children who come from poor families end up having their names entered numerous times. Katniss, who at sixteen, will have her name in twenty times, and Gale, who is eighteen, will have his in forty-two times. Katniss won’t let Prim take out tesserae, and is only twelve so her name is only in once. Katniss returns home, and after dressing in one of her mothers old merchant dresses, goes with her mother and Prim to the town square. That’s where the reaping, which is televised and treated like a festive event, takes place in the district. The mayor gives a speech that tells the history of the Hunger Games. Struck by war, droughts, and other natural problems, North America was no more and the country of Panem rose up in its ashes. Panem was formed with the Capitol and thirteen districts. The districts rebelled and the Capitol destroyed District 13. To punish the districts and remind them they have no power, the Capitol created the Hunger Games. The Hunger Games is where a male and female tribute between twelve and eighteen are chosen from each district. The tributes must fight to the death in a large arena. The tribute left standing wins, and that tribute’s district receives extra food. Haymitch Abernathy, the only living victor from District 12, comes out on stage. He is drunk and tries to hug Effie Trinket, a Capitol citizen who is an escort to District 12’s tributes. As usual “ladies first” Effie Trinket trills as she chooses the girl tribute.She reads out the name…
              Primrose Everdeen



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